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Men's Suits & Tuxedos

Every man should own at least one quality suit. Think of it as an investment piece. With the right fit, a classic style, an easy to mix-and-match colour (think neutral colours like grey, navy or black), your perfect suit will get you through any occasion that requires dressy attire.

If you're a fashion-forward gentleman, consider a modern cut in an interesting pattern or a bold colour.

Got a particular style in mind and you want it realized? We'd love to talk with you. Bring in your ideas, pictures, an existing suit you like and we'll help you design a special suit that is uniquely yours.

Not sure what type of suit you want? That's okay too because we're more than happy to assist you in designing the suit that best reflects who you are.

We also make tuxedos and tailcoats for those really formal affairs.

Completion of your custom made suit may take up to 8 weeks. Please place your order well before the date you'll be wearing it to avoid disappointment.

Super Affordable Luxury Suit

At Balsam Custom Tailors, a custom-made suit won't cost you an arm and a leg. We offer beautiful quaility suits made by our skilled tailors with lots of care at super affordable off-the-rack prices! Don't worry, just because you're paying an off-the-rack price, it doesn't mean you won't get custom-made level quality service. We promise to make your suit fit you the way you like it.

Our ultra-awesome custom-made suit prices start at $580. 


Please keep in mind: If you are  in the process of gaining/losing weight or if your weight naturally fluctuates, we do NOT recommend custom made.