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Ladies' Suits

Ladies, did you know that a tailored suit that fits your every curve can help you look slimmer and improve the look of your posture? A quality custom-made suit will flatter your figure.

When you buy ready-made suits from retail stores, do you find that the sleeves are too long? Or maybe the shoulders are too wide? Or the chest is too tight? An ill-fitted suit can actually feel uncomfortable. It could restrict movement and make you look sloppy.

A pant suit exudes professionalism and power while a skirt suit projects professionalism with a hint of femininity. And if you pick a neutral colour, you'll find that you won't just wear it during work days but also during your off-days or for an evening out. Just pair the jacket with a dressy top and some nice jeans and you're ready to party!

Completion of your custom made suit may take up to 8 weeks. Please place your order well before the date you'll be wearing it to avoid disappointment.

Super Affordable Luxury Suit

At Balsam Custom Tailors, a custom-made suit won't cost you an arm and a leg. We offer beautiful quaility suits made with lots of love and care at super affordable off-the-rack price! Don't worry, just because you're paying an off-the-rack price doesn't mean you won't get custom-made quality service. We promise to make your suit fit you the way you like it.

Our ultra-awesome custom-made suit prices start at $580.



Please keep in mind: If you are  in the process of gaining/losing weight or if your weight naturally fluctuates, we do NOT recommend custom made.