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What is the purpose of alterations?

The number one reason why people consider making changes to their clothes is because they simply don't fit. That's when you might want to consider having your clothes altered. We can make size adjustments to almost any part of your garment to make it fit you.

Another reason why someone would have something altered is to update the look of his/her garment. Too often, people mistake something as unwearable simply because the style isn't "in" anymore. That can be remedied.

We do all types of repairs. Before you throw out your old anything that you loved so much, bring it in and let us assess the damage. It could possibly be saved or renewed!

At Balsam Custom Tailors, we boast excellent workmanship, fast and friendly service and wonderful creativity.

Because there are countless types of fabrics and a variety of sewing techniques, an exact estimate cannot be given over the phone. Please bring in your item for an assessment.

*Garments brought in for alterations must be freshly laundered, dry-cleaned or new. WE DO NOT ACCEPT SOILED ITEMS FOR HEALTH AND SANITARY REASONS.*

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